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How Can I Get Rid of a Double Chin Without Surgery?

kybella_injection_logo_rgbThe appearance of submental fullness (frequently called a “double chin”) is a common cosmetic concern that entails excess fat under the chin, which is often difficult to lose despite a healthy diet and exercise. Traditionally, liposuction has been the only effective method of eliminating accumulated fat beneath the chin and creating a more sculpted jawline. However, with the introduction of KYBELLA, patients now have a non-surgical alternative that is quickly gaining popularity.

KYBELLA has many unique advantages compared to liposuction for reducing the appearance of a double chin. Since KYBELLA is an injectable used directly at the target site, there are no incisions and little to no associated recovery time. In addition, the entire KYBELLA treatment can be completed within 20 minutes, allowing patients to immediately return to their daily activities. Composed of deoxycholic acid, KYBELLA works to dissolve excess dietary fat, ultimately providing enhanced contours around the area of the upper neck and chin. Follow-up treatments may be scheduled to maximize the results of this innovative procedure. Once the desired number of treatments is complete, the final outcome with KYBELLA is considered to be long lasting.


KYBELLA is the only non-surgical procedure approved by the FDA to treat submental fullness (double chin). If you would like to learn more about KYBELLA, or schedule a consultation at Dermlounge, please contact our office today.