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Hand Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the face is the most reason patients visit the Dermlounge and Richmond Aesthetic Surgery. However, there are other areas that may require attention to give a complete rejuvenated look. Overlooking other areas of the body can give a somewhat unbalanced look. One of these areas are the back of the hands. Due to lack of sunscreen and environmental factors, they show age spots and volume loss similar to that of the face. At Richmond Aesthetic Surgery we use a combination approach to rejuvenate the hands and reverse the signs of aging. To address the age spots we are able to use a combination of laser therapy and prescription strength hydroquinone topical to erase the signs of sun damage. In addition, our trained physicians are able to replace volume with advanced injections techniques using JUVEDERM® to achieve youthful volume. This multi step system leaves hands rejuvenated and appearing younger.

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