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What is DAXXIFY? 

DAXXIFY is a neurotoxin injectable that addresses deep wrinkles and creases, specifically frown lines between the eyebrows, for a more youthful and refreshed appearance. An FDA-approved treatment, DAXXIFY features botulinum toxin A to relax facial muscles that cause wrinkles and Peptide Exchange Technology™ for longer-lasting results than similar injectables.  

Dr. Neil Zemmel and the team at Dermlounge are dedicated to helping patients revitalize their appearance, while simultaneously taking their cosmetic needs and goals into account. By offering the latest in injectable treatments, like DAXXIFY, the Dermlounge team is able to customize treatments for beautiful and natural-looking results. 

What Does the DAXXIFY Treatment Involve? 

In preparation for DAXXIFY injections, our team may provide pre-treatment instructions, like avoiding topical steroids, blood thinners, and allergy medications. Injections are done with a fine needle and administered in the area between the eyebrows. Many describe the sensation as a small pinch, and while this is typically well-tolerated, a numbing gel may be applied prior to treatment if desired. In addition, our team offers PRO-NOX as a pain management system. DAXXIFY treatments typically last 30 minutes or less and require little to no downtime.

When Will I See My DAXXIFY Results?  

DAXXIFY results may be evident as early as the day after injection and typically within two days. Patients usually receive treatments twice a year to maintain the desired effects, while other injectables require injections every three to four months. What sets DAXXIFY apart from other injectables and fillers is the projected longer result time from the addition of a peptide, lasting an average of six months, and potentially up to nine months for some patients.  

DAXXIFY vs. BOTOX Cosmetic 

While DAXXIFY and BOTOX Cosmetic are both composed of botulinum toxin A, the treatments have differences that may make one more appropriate than the other for certain patients. DAXXIFY is the first, and only, FDA-approved frown line treatment that utilizes a peptide, while neurotoxins like BOTOX Cosmetic use human or animal byproducts to stabilize botulinum toxin A. BOTOX Cosmetic typically lasts three to four months, as opposed to the six-month average of DAXXIFY. Our team can explain more of the pros and cons of DAXXIFY versus BOTOX injections during your consultation, helping you understand which may be right for your needs and preferences.

For more information on DAXXIFY injections, contact our office to schedule a consultation.