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What Is a Micropeel?

Micropeels are a type of superficial chemical peel that smooths and brightens the outer layer of the skin. Performed by our licensed aesthetician, Heather Sinclair, LE, the gentle treatment is appropriate for all skin types and can be tailored to address a wide range of concerns related to the tone and texture of the skin, such as the following:

Micropeels are a popular skin care solution as they can revive otherwise dull-looking skin with little to no downtime. Even those with sensitive skin can opt to undergo the micropeel treatment. The specific formula that is recommended to you will depend upon your skin type and the specific concerns you would like to improve.

What Does the Micropeel Treatment Involve?

To begin the micropeel procedure, your skin will be cleansed and the gentle chemical solution will be applied. Throughout the treatment process, the skin is exfoliated, which removes dull cells and reveals the healthier skin underneath. This results in a fresh, revitalized facial appearance. Since micropeels are very gentle on the skin, patients can typically return to their normal activities soon if not immediately after treatment. It is normal to experience mild peeling and redness, which should quickly subside.

What Can I Expect in My Micropeel Results?

After any initial redness or peeling clears, your skin should look more vibrant and feel smoother. Heather may recommend a series of micropeel treatments to help you achieve optimal improvement for your skin concerns. In addition, she may suggest pairing your micropeel with an additional treatment like dermaplaning to further enhance your outcome.

How Much Does a Micropeel Cost?

Micropeels are an affordable skin care solution for those wanting subtle improvement of their skin concerns. The cost of a micropeel will vary based on the type of peel used, if it is performed in a series, and if complementary treatments are performed as well. Once Heather has evaluated your skin and discussed your aesthetic goals, she can plan your treatment. With this information, our staff can provide you with a quote for how much you can expect to pay.