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VIP Program

Since maintaining beautiful, healthy skin and a youthful appearance requires routine care, Dr. Zemmel has created the Dermlounge VIP Program to provide discounts to our loyal patients. This program is intended to help those who regularly undergo our treatments or purchase our skin care products to receive special rewards to utilize throughout the year. The annual membership fee is $100, which offers patients VIP-only access to a number of deals.

Our VIP Program has been designed to encourage patients to continue with specific treatments and skin care regimens so they can ultimately obtain the best possible results. These Dermlounge services and products are often recurring purchases, which is why our year-long membership can be a valuable system for those wishing to maintain their youthful complexion.

DID YOU KNOW: Patients who undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure will also receive a one-year complimentary membership. Membership begins the day the card is issued and is good for one year.

*Terms & Conditions: The Dermlounge VIP Program can be purchased at any time during the year and expires one year from date of purchase. Membership discounts apply only to services indicated below and exclude all other services. No minimum purchase is necessary to join VIP Program. The membership fee cannot be applied to any services, products, or gift card purchases. Membership is non-transferable. Membership discounts cannot be applied to past purchases. Membership discounts have no monetary value and no refunds will be issued. Membership discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. VIP Membership discounts are valid toward Dermlounge services only and do not apply to surgical procedures or treatments administered by Dr. Neil J. Zemmel. Pricing and terms subject to change.


Cosmetic injectables are a popular way for men and women to enhance their facial appearance without undergoing surgery. Products like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, dermal fillers, and KYBELLA® are all available at our medical spa. Since patients can often benefit from follow-up injectables sessions, we are pleased to offer special pricing for VIP Members. Those undergoing BOTOX injections can get $2 off per unit and Dysport at $.66 off per unit. Patients receiving dermal fillers can get $50 off 1cc syringes and $25 off .5cc syringes. Take a look at our chart for more details on member versus non-member costs.

Service Member
BOTOX® Cosmetic / Dysport®
Botox $2 off each unit / Dysport $0.66 off per unit
$50 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
$25 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
$50 off each syringe
Revanesse Versa
$50 off each syringe
$50 off per treatment
$100 off per treatment


When you sign up for our VIP Program, you can get 10% off all CoolSculpting® treatments. Since this fat reduction treatment can contour several different body areas, our team utilizes multiple applicators to effectively target popular trouble areas, such as underneath the chin and the upper arms. See below for a more detailed look at what you can expect when you opt for the various CoolSculpting techniques we provide.

Service Non-Member Member
CoolAdvantage Petite™
CoolAdvantage Plus™
CoolSmooth PRO™

Skin Care Products & Treatments

Beautiful skin care products and treatments, you can achieve smoother, softer skin while slowing the effects of aging. VIP Members get 10% off several of our skin care solutions, as detailed below.

10% off skin care products (cannot be combined with other specials or package discounts)
10% off Facial and Skin peels (cannot be combined with other specials or package discounts)
10% off DiamondGlow™ treatments (cannot be combined with other specials or package discounts)
10% off Morpheus8 treatments (cannot be combined with other specials or package discounts)
10% off of BBL™, Halo™, and SkinTyte™ laser treatments (cannot be combined with other specials or package discounts)

If you want to lock in the cost of injectables and CoolSculpting for the rest of the year, or get discounts on our medical-grade skin care solutions, please contact us to let us know you would like to get started!