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SkinBetter Science®

SkinBetter Science® features a collection of skin care products designed to transform the health and appearance of your skin. Products are geared towards specific improvements: Refresh, Rejuvenate, Enhance, and Protect. Additional collections focus on skin care regimens and products available as an in-office treatment with a skin care professional at Dermlounge.

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The brand’s initial goal was to create a new model in the skin care industry — for patients, physicians, nurses, and aestheticians alike. By focusing on the science behind the products and establishing genuine patient-practice relationships, SkinBetter Science® goes beyond being just a skin care company. In addition to helping people achieve beautiful skin, the brand aims to assist patients in creating a strong rapport with their skin care doctor.

SkinBetter Science® offers a variety of options, including:

skin better products

At Dermlounge, our aestheticians can help patients select the best product and treatment for their personal needs and cosmetic goals. For more information about SkinBetter Science, contact our office to schedule a consultation.