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Am I a Candidate for KYBELLA™ Double Chin Reduction Treatment?

Our Dermlounge medispa, located at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, strives to provide patients with non-surgical treatments that can offer natural-looking results. One of our popular cosmetic injectables, KYBELLA™, is specifically designed to target and reduce excess fat beneath the chin and/or jaw, while creating a more contoured appearance.

This type of treatment is best for patients who lead a healthy and active lifestyle, but who wish to eliminate the appearance of a double chin. If excess fat is causing a “bulging” appearance, KYBELLA™ could be a good treatment option. These FDA-approved injections can be beneficial in reducing submental fullness caused by aging, genetics, or weight gain. If our plastic surgeon determines that excess, inelastic skin along the chin or upper neck is what’s causing the concern, a surgical neck lift may be recommended.

A thorough consultation with our experienced staff, led by skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Neil J. Zemmel, can help determine if this treatment would be right for you. We will provide a physical exam of the potential treatment area and answer any questions you may have. KYBELLA™ has proven to be a remarkable treatment option for many patients who are looking for ways to reduce signs of a double chin and improve the appearance of their profile.

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation for KYBELLA™.