Brown spots and freckles on the hands, face, and décolletage appear later in life mainly due to the effects of genetics, age, and long-term sun exposure. At Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, our plastic surgeon uses a Q-switch laser that is capable of removing these lesions with as little as one treatment. The laser targets the melanin in the skin to attack only the hyperpigmented areas (areas in increased pigmentation) while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. It is best to undergo this procedure in the fall and winter months when the skin is not tan and the pigmented lesions are more visible, although the treatment is offered year round. During the treatment most patients experience minimal discomfort and the laser contacts the skin surface. This slight burning quickly subsides after the procedure is completed. After treatment you will notice some redness and irritation that usually dissipates over the next week. As the irritation resolves the pigmented areas treated will fade and blend with the surrounding skin. Some thicker, more deeply pigmented lesions may require more than one treatment. Dr. Zemmel will discuss the entire procedure during your initial consultation.

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